As we become more aware of synthetic chemicals and their links to disease, we also become more concerned with what we consume, and now, with what we put on our skin, especially what products we use on our children.

At its most basic, chemical absorption can irritate, sensitise and destroy skin tissue. Irritation might take the form of eczema or dermatitis. Sensitising skin by frequently using harsh chemicals can make it much more prone to chemical irritation in the future.

Young children are often more sensitive to chemicals for a number of reasons:

  1. Their bodies are still developing and they cannot get rid of some chemicals as well as adults.
  2. They absorb greater amounts of chemicals such as lead, pesticides and sulphates into their blood than adults, due to the size ratio and developmental stage of organs compared to adults. 
  3. Because they are small, they have a high surface area to volume ratio and can have dramatically higher absorption through dermal contact than adults.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and up to 60% of some of the chemicals we put on it may be absorbed into the bloodstream. Did you know that it can sometimes be worse to put toxins on your skin rather than ingest them? When you eat, your liver contains detoxifying enzymes which break down toxic elements. What you apply to your skin can pass through it and go directly into the bloodstream.

Think carefully about what you put on your children’s skin, wash their clothes and clean around the home with…..

  • Did you know that you can prevent so many early childhood skin problems from developing by using all-natural, organic skincare products?

Natural and organic products can prevent the symptoms of a variety of skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis and itchiness by making the skin healthier.

Some skin irritations can be cleared up quite quickly with creams that are riddled with synthetic active ingredients such as cortisone and other steroid type ingredients but unfortunately – the symptoms WILL reappear.  More often than not you will find that these symptoms CANNOT be controlled without regular use.

I know you don’t want to apply toxic and synthetic products to your children’s skin regularly.  Neither did I which is why I created my very own product for my baby boy when he started to develop the signs of eczema.

Did you know it’s not just what you put on your skin but what you clean your clothes with and your home that can make all the difference….

We all love a sparkling clean home that smells fresh and gives us a sense that our families are kept clean and free of dust build up and bacteria.  BUT do we actually realise that many store brought products are dangerous and highly toxic – yet we are still using them in our homes and breathing in the fumes, damaging our bodies by affecting our immune system and causing skin irritations.


The Little Innoscents eco cleaning line offers a better alternative, boasting no nasty chemicals and effective in cleaning you can rest assured that even those with sensitive skin will benefit from this range. Our mission is to protect our families from chronic diseases by avoiding toxins; you’ll see that it will be worth the effort to avoid the poisons we are readily buying. 

Our ingredients are carefully selected to be gentle for you and your family, we also love our planet and are conscience to produce products that are rapidly degrading without causing harm designed to help protect the environment which we believe has a huge ripple effect on our lives and the world around us helping to build a community of conscious consumers.

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