You’d be hard pressed to find a child that doesn’t love sugar & chocolate. Besides the fact that it tastes great, in most instances we give it to children as a reward when they’re good or during celebrations at birthday parties, Halloween, Easter…

As parents & carers there’s a lot we need to understand about what the sugar is really doing to our children’s teeth.

To help talk to us about we are joined by Tabitha Acret, Dental Hygienist at AIRFLOW Dental Spa

Tabitha has 22 years’ experience in the dental industry & a Bachelor of Oral Health. She has since worked in private practice and as a dental educator at Sydney University and is passionate about community dentistry and preventative care.


We ask Tabitha questions including:

  1. What does sugar do to children’s teeth?
  2. What are some helpful hacks for getting kids to care for their teeth?
  3. How can we ensure oral health is maintained at home?
  4. What are the top five supermarket snacks parents should avoid purchasing for their children?
  5. What are the common signs or symptoms of tooth decay?
  6. Why might this occur? How should we manage the decay?
  7. Do you have any tips to help parents with children who are averse to brushing their teeth?
  8. How would you describe to a child to brush their teeth?
  9. How long should children brush their teeth everyday?


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