What Sugar Is Doing To Your Child’s Teeth | Tabitha Acret | Ep 102

  You’d be hard pressed to find a child that doesn’t love sugar & chocolate. Besides the fact that it tastes great, in most instances we give it to children as a reward when they’re good or during celebrations at… Continue Reading >

Teething, the things you need to know

Teething, it’s like nature’s way of saying “you look like you need a challenge.” Common signs and symptoms of teething Excessive drooling Red cheeks Irritable Resisting food and wanting extra milk Pulling on ears Chewing on hands and anything else… Continue Reading >

The Fable of the Tooth Fairy

The most exciting part of losing a tooth when I was a child was knowing that the Tooth Fairy was going to visit. With the new visible gap in my smile, I would place my tooth in a glass of… Continue Reading >