Looking back, retrospectively, at what we had thought the 2020’s was going to be like, feature films & animated sitcoms like the Jetsons had predicted a futuristic utopian future.

Our experience with the year 2020 has been anything but, where instead of flying cars we are back to the basics of being reminded how to wash our hands.

That being said, our experiences with COVID-19 have meant our lives have increasingly become dependent on technology.

With a stronger emphasis on our health & wellbeing, tele-health consultations have become the only access many Aussies have with medical professionals.

What is tele-health? How can we adapt our lifestyles to using it?

We speak with Francesca Pinzone, Co-Founder and COO of Umbo about this. We ask questions including:

  1. What is tele-health? How does it work?
  2. What type of appointments can be made via tele-health?
  3. A common misconception is tele-health isn’t as effective as in person sessions. What are your thoughts?
  4. What are the benefits for parents & children?
  5. What are the common challenges with tele-health consultations? How can we over come them?
  6. Are there legal issues associated with tele-health? If so, what are they & what are the exisiting protocols providers must adhere to?
  7. Many parents are hesitant to try tele-health. How do they know if it’s right for them and their family?

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