Tips For Your Baby In Hot Weather

Babies and young children are more vulnerable to the risks associated with hot weather, they can overheat and dehydrate quickly.  Babies can’t tell you how they are feeling, when they are too hot for instance, therefore they are at more… Continue Reading >

Can a nutrient save your life during Covid?

By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics or Facebook page Bayside Dietetics   This will be short and sweet because I don’t want to dilute the point. Since early days with Covid-19 there has been suspicion around a certain nutrient… Continue Reading >

Snap Shades

Snap Shades are the latest, stylish and affordable car window sunshades. Snap Shades are magnetic, perfectly fitted and vehicle specific. They are designed to help you protect your passengers from harmful UV rays, heat, glare and insects.

A day at the beach with Eczema.

For most people “let’s go to the beach” means everyone put their cozies on, grab some towels and let’s go! But not for us. Allergies and anaphylaxis aside there is thought and strategic planning that goes into a “spontaneous” afternoon… Continue Reading >

Top 10 Reasons Why Children Should Play Sport

Media brought to you by Kelly Sports Let’s face it, how lucky are we to live and raise our children in Australia! The sun and climate allow our children to play outdoors twelve months of the year.  Our houses, gardens, and parks… Continue Reading >

Nanoparticles Explained

In order for nanoparticles in sunscreens to be considered dangerous, they have to first penetrate the skin, then go somewhere they can do significant damage. For now, there is no solid proof this can happen in humans.   How it… Continue Reading >

Getting Back To Nature

With new technologies constantly being created, children are increasingly turning to digital as a source of entertainment. Phones, tablets, video games, movies and tv streaming – it’s now a lot easier to get instant entertainment and instant gratification. According to… Continue Reading >