How White Noise Helps the Whole Family

By Dr. Harvey Karp   What if you treated your own bedtime and sleep space like it was your baby’s? Best guess: You’d start sleeping better, pronto! While there are no grownup-size swaddles or SNOOs (yet!), there is one baby-sleep… Continue Reading >

Rainbow Families Raise Bright Kids

– Shane Warren –   I know every household has bright children and defining terms like ‘bright’ or ‘smart’ can be very subjective when we are speaking of children who are very much still in development.  However, this post is… Continue Reading >

How to reduce screen time while studying online all day

The recent move to everything being online has changes student’s lives drastically –in both a positive and not so positive way. On one hand, students have loved being able to sleep in for an extra hour before online learning, rather… Continue Reading >

I Come from A Long Line of Dads

My dad was a dad, his dad’s dad was a dad and his dad’s dad’s dad was also a dad. I come from a long line of dad’s, however, with my looks, awkward personality and complete lack of any understanding… Continue Reading >

Men with pre-existing mental health conditions four times more likely to experience problems during transition to parenthood

Did you know men with pre-existing mental health conditions are four times more likely to experience problems during the transition to parenthood? Well, it’s true. New research by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) shows that men with a history… Continue Reading >

A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.

What was your favourite children’s book when you were growing up? Do you remember your favourite characters? Is there any part of them that resonate with you now as an adult? I think we all agree how important it is… Continue Reading >

World-first scientific breakthrough to reduce miscarriages and birth defects

A world-first scientific breakthrough in pregnancy research is expected to save thousands of lives through preventing miscarriages. Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute announced the breakthrough discovering a major cause of miscarriages and multiple birth defects. The medical breakthrough has identified… Continue Reading >

Children, Play and Technology

By Dr. Julie Coultas What is the link between play, technology and learning? Researchers have proposed that technology is an integral learning tool for promoting social, linguistic and cognitive development in young children. But how does this ‘tool’ become part… Continue Reading >