Battling Lockdown Fatigue: Three Strategies to Bolster our Resilience

by Dr Tom Brunzell, Director of Education,  Berry Street Victoria   All parents have come to know the feeling well—the nervous stomach and in-take of breath each morning when checking the news. One day it’s relief that no news is… Continue Reading >

5 tips to make homeschooling easier

Whether you have chosen to homeschool or have had this lifestyle thrust upon you there are strategies that will help you along the way. As a parent who has homeschooled since day 1 (and ran a family daycare before that)… Continue Reading >

Support services new parents actually need!

You’re a first-time parent. You’ve gone through nine months of pregnancy, hours of labour and delivered your beautiful, healthy baby. Congratulations! Now it’s time to go home and start this crazy parenting journey, and you might feel like you’re not… Continue Reading >

Riding the Emotional Waves of a Chronic Condition

By Simone Albert   Wading through the waves of emotions that can crash over anyone receiving a new diagnosis of a chronic condition is nothing short of confronting and overwhelming. Adding to this the element of a life-threatening diagnosis such… Continue Reading >

Surviving Party Season with Fussy Eaters

We all know how crazy the party season gets!  Would you love to feel at ease with what your kids are eating over the holiday season?  Navigating party season confidently for kids (let alone working out what to eat) means… Continue Reading >

How to Keep Pre-Schoolers Entertained & Engaged In & Around The Home | Bree Hansen | Ep 34

Lucky for us we are joined by Bree from B Minor Music who is here to help. Bree is going to share some fresh ideas and strategies that you can try out at home that will help break up the… Continue Reading >

Looking after YOU?

Jay Anderson Its been a tricky few months. Lots of changes. Too much in the news. What’s happening here? Or there? Who really do you believe??  The tv, the newspaper? The internet? Or Facebook? Your friends?? what is the latest?… Continue Reading >

Decision Fatigue

This is real! And right now with the Covid-19 situation, there are twice as many decisions to be made. Mothers get it. Entrepreneurs get it. If you are both then it’s time to work out strategies that mitigate the fall… Continue Reading >

Understanding your child’s emotions

by Jay Anderson   Emotions can be tricky…….sometimes even adults can’t manage their emotions!! Upset, angry, Annoyed, happy, hurt, frustrated, sad, nervous, scared, excited…….so many different feelings. So many situations, and as humans – we all respond differently.   Children… Continue Reading >

Starting High School:  Managing anxiety

Flashback to 2017 and “WOW”.  It seems like only yesterday I was attending his kindergarten graduation and stressing over what Primary school would hold for him.  How would he ever cope?  How would he fit in?  Would he make friends? … Continue Reading >