How to Keep Your Kids Motivated to be Active this Winter

Keeping your kids active is not only an important habit that will benefit them throughout their lifetime but it is a great way to burn their energy which may help them be more restful at night and have a better… Continue Reading >

The benefits of Australia’s booming sport, gymnastics

By Laura Sereno, BK’s Gymnastics Program Manager   Gymnastics is currently booming across Australia with Sports Australia reporting it as the third most popular sport in the country. Meanwhile, BK’s Gymnastics , for example, an Australian network of specialty kids’ gymnastics centres, has seen… Continue Reading >

The importance of sports for children

By Portia Gunn, Youthrive Occupational Therapist   Did you know that children and young people should be getting at least one hour of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity every day? Sports has many benefits to a child’s development. By playing sports,… Continue Reading >

Fueling Active Kids in Sport

Fueling children with a healthy and balanced everyday diet differs from fueling for sport.  Whether you have a great understanding of sports nutrition or are completely confused as to what foods they should be eating – it is always good… Continue Reading >

Ready for Sport

Sport is a fun and important part of the school curriculum.  Making sure kids have the right equipment can improve their enjoyment and keep them comfortable particularly in the hot months early in the school year.  So we have compiled… Continue Reading >

Make a day of it at Optus Stadium!

Media kindly brought to you by Optus Stadium. Throughout history, spectators have long attended stadiums to observe contests, support beloved idols and applaud entertainers. Dating as far back as the archaeological site of Olympia in Greece, (the location of the… Continue Reading >

Top 10 Reasons Why Children Should Play Sport

Media brought to you by Kelly Sports Let’s face it, how lucky are we to live and raise our children in Australia! The sun and climate allow our children to play outdoors twelve months of the year.  Our houses, gardens, and parks… Continue Reading >

Dr Sam Elliot Top 5 Tips to get the most out of Children’s Sport

As the official partner of the Football Federation of Australia’s (FFA) ALDI MiniRoos program, we want to encourage kids to be healthy and active. While exercise and nutritious food is a part of this, there is another key element to… Continue Reading >

Kelly Sports Australia

With a great range of fun and exciting sports we believe that your kids will learn skills that will be with them for a lifetime. At Kelly Sports, we encourage learning through games so that your children enjoy themselves while… Continue Reading >

ALDI MiniRoos Mighty Menu-Part 2

Many children are engaged in sports and hobbies, in an era where childhood obesity has reached a recored high, regular exercise through sport and play are vitally important for the health of children and teens. Healthy eating supports good exercise… Continue Reading >