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Kelly Sports Australia

With a great range of fun and exciting sports we believe that your kids will learn skills that will be with them for a lifetime.

At Kelly Sports, we encourage learning through games so that your children enjoy themselves while developing fundamental sports making friends and improving their understanding of a variety of important concepts. Providing an environment that is fun and friendly is an essential component to any successful experience.

We believe that healthy competition can bring out individual confidence and cement team building skills that benefit kids for a lifetime. That’s why at Kelly Sports we select only those coaches who are passionate about what they do and have a vested interest in improving your child’s skills and inevitable wellbeing.


The Kelly Sports programmes include:


A passion for sports will translate into many other areas of a person’s life and as research has shown, will help to make your children healthier, more active and focused in class.

Contact your local Kelly Sports office now to find out additional information about any of the programmes listed above.


Contact: (03) 9384 2204