To the parents who have struggled with remote learning, you are not alone.

By Carlie Maree   Our family lasted exactly 1.5 days with the learning our school provided. Very quickly we knew that the only way for us to do learning-at-home was to do it our own way. We’d had a head… Continue Reading >

The Benefits of Children Growing Up with Pets

I grew up on a farm as a young boy so animals were just part of my daily ritual. My step father insisted that the animals eat before we did in the morning, and this job fell in my hands…. Continue Reading >

The Impacts of COVID-19 and Long-Term Remote Learning on Children and the Classroom Environment

Throughout 2020, COVID-19 had a profound impact on how we work and learn. The long-term effects of the pandemic on our society will likely be a matter of discussion and debate for years to come. This article will demonstrate how… Continue Reading >

The Importance of Play for Children

Children love to play, it’s in their nature.  For children, play is a fun and safe way to explore the world around them. It’s also a way to make friends and form bonds with adults.  Children can learn many things… Continue Reading >

How to Spark Your Child’s ImagiNation

Media kindly brought to you by ImagiNation Children’s Festival. Every parent wants to raise their child to reach their highest intellectual, social and emotional potential. Not only this but to provide their children with a childhood filled with fun, happiness,… Continue Reading >