Is Your Daily Routine with Personal Care Products Making You Sick?

Your Journey to Healing Author Dr Melissa Raymond   So I have a question for you. How many different chemicals are we exposed to every day? 5…..10…..20? Higher? Surely it’s not 50? Higher?! Well, for many women, 200 different chemicals… Continue Reading >

Bubba Organics

Kind and gentle to both baby & nature, award-winning premium brand, Bubba Organics, offers gentle and effective skincare for families. Ethically made in Melbourne and thoughtfully formulated using 100% natural ingredients, this stylishly packaged range complements today’s modern nurseries and bathrooms and is made with no synthetics,irritants or water.

The Myth of ‘pH Neutral’ Skin Care for Eczema

Most soap-based cleansers have a high pH (above 7) [1] and can also be drying to our skin. Even the flow of shampoo and conditioner over the body after rinsing hair may be irritating. For those with eczema, use of… Continue Reading >

Hygiene in the home with a baby

Having a baby means a lot of changes to your lifestyle. From not going out as much to discovering a new found love for children’s stories, you’ll be surprised by how different your life gets overall. One important change is… Continue Reading >