Exercise in your First Trimester  

Staying healthy when you’re pregnant is one of the best things you can do. Exercise during pregnancy can regulate weight gain, prepare for the bearing of more weight gain and also helps with mood and sleep. During the first trimester,… Continue Reading >

Fundamental Movement Skills Essential for Growth

By: Jane Kilkenny   Raising happy and healthy kids is the number priority for parents.  Movement plays an essential part in childhood development, but not just physical development, it’s also crucial for cognitive, neurological, emotional and social development. In the… Continue Reading >

The benefits of Yin Yoga for parents

What is Yin? Every mum needs a little yin in their lives! The concept of Yin and Yang originates from ancient Chinese culture and represents the concept of dualism and balance. Yin is stable, nourishing, unmoving, soothing and calming– while… Continue Reading >

Craft: Rocking the Outdoors

Kids love exploring, running and racing around, and parks are perfect for this. Actually, any place that you can run around is fun.  However, if you had another reason to explore the park wouldn’t that be fantastic too. How about… Continue Reading >

Reach Better Life Balance Through Regular Exercise!

Being a parent brings boundless love and an abundant array of so many other amazing gifts to our life…. but let’s not sugar-coat this gig too much…. it can also be tough…. especially if you’re a single parent like me!… Continue Reading >

6 Tips to Keep your Kids Healthy & Active this School Year

Now is the perfect time to set up good habits that will keep your family happy, healthy and active all year long! And here are 6 ways you can get started!   Get involved in team sports! The first few… Continue Reading >

When Monsters Attack

“Muuuummm”.  That loud pitched scream usually heard exactly 90 seconds after you have sat down for the night to enjoy some ‘me-time’.  You have just settled yourself on the couch with a cuppa and that book you have been meaning… Continue Reading >