Top Tips for Teaching Kids Mathematics at Home

By James Burnett of ORIGO Education With an increasing number of us parents trying to help our children continue their education at the dining table, it’s only natural that tensions and anxiety will often run high as we try our hand at teaching. After all, we are used to professional teachers taking on this important task! How are we supposed to know… Continue Reading >

Valentine’s Day is a chance to role model a loving relationship to your children

Demonstrating a loving, healthy relationship to your children is one of the best gifts you can give them. What you both role model now is what they will see as normal and how a loving relationship should work, so it… Continue Reading >

Parenting and Valentine’s Day – Role Modelling Respectful Relationships

We all know children are sponges and look to the adults in their life to show them how to relate to the world and the people in it. It is a BIG job!! From the early months of life children… Continue Reading >

“My partner does not eat his greens, is he going to be a bad role model to your child?” A shared feeding journey.

New mum Karen recently asked this question in my Facebook group: “My son is 12 months old and is a good eater. What can I do to continue this into his adult life, if my husband won’t even eat his… Continue Reading >

A Daddy’s Girl?

  What does it mean to be a “father” in a time where the base identity of a “male” is being challenged, even called “toxic”? What challenges or opportunities are present for me raising Charlie in a family where there… Continue Reading >