Holiday Activities for Kids

School holidays are nearly here again! Soon you will get questions from your little kids, or maybe not so little kids, about what to do and where you will take them.  You’ll wonder what will keep them all busy and… Continue Reading >

Why teachers and kids should be moving, breathing and doing mindfulness activities during the school day.

There’s no denying it, it’s pretty challenging to be a kid these days. With the onslaught of social media and it’s distractions, temptations and tendency to overstimulate young brains, as well as peer and school pressure, it’s no wonder that… Continue Reading >

Top 8 Back to School Tips

Returning to school after the summer holiday break can often be a difficult transition for many children and teenagers on the autism spectrum. Starting a new class, or a new school, can cause anxiety and uncertainty. New teachers, unfamiliar environments,… Continue Reading >

A Parent’s Guide to Mastering Homework

The requirement for our children to do homework has been an infamous debate among teachers, parents, experts and students for quite some time. However, with the benefits of homework established, especially for senior students, the skill set of an independent… Continue Reading >

6 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Comprehension Skills

Comprehension has a dual personality. Sometimes it’s out on display, but often it’s artfully obscured requiring work to be detected. Even in texts for very young children, words and the pictures work on multiple levels. Good comprehension and knowing the… Continue Reading >

Flip flopping from Joy to Chaos and back again!

By Krissy Regan The Wellness Poet   Have you noticed more Joy than Chaos lately or more Chaos than Joy? Perhaps your days are so busy and chaotic you didn’t notice the moments of Joy pop up! Joy is a… Continue Reading >

5 Tips to Feeding Fussy Eaters at Christmas

It can be challenging to feed fussy eaters at family gatherings. Comments from well-intentioned family members may trigger your anxiety and stress: “is Chloe still on crackers?” If you are thinking about how to tackle this festive season for the… Continue Reading >

Surviving Party Season with Fussy Eaters

We all know how crazy the party season gets!  Would you love to feel at ease with what your kids are eating over the holiday season?  Navigating party season confidently for kids (let alone working out what to eat) means… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for New Mums Beginning their Newborn Nursing Journey

New mums face many kinds of emotional challenges when it comes to feeding a newborn. For many it takes time, patience and practice and with the right tips and tricks, mums can tackle breastfeeding head on. Dr Nicole Highet from… Continue Reading >

Sporting Superheroes

By Jane Kilkenny Finding positive role models for our kids can be challenging.  Our traditional superheroes are fantasy characters that kids love to idolize.   Fantasy characters are an excellent way to encourage kids to use their imagination and have some… Continue Reading >