Minecraft is Educational

My girls were studying deserts and sustainability at school. One part of their assignment was to create a model and do a speech about how people can live in the desert. One kid created a model from clay with a… Continue Reading >

What Are You Modelling Your Kids

Little ones want what they want, and they like to be in charge of themselves. But they also depend on us, the parents who care for them, and they trust us to have their best interests at heart. They may… Continue Reading >

A fish out of water. Is it happening to my child?

Sarah Smith, APD, Bayside Dietetics www.baysidedietetics.com.au   “Never feed him a lot. Never more than a spot! Or something may happen. You never know what.” Mr Carp gave this advice to a boy who bought Otto the fish from his… Continue Reading >

My Child Eats Sweets in Hiding. What can I do?

Trish has a 10-year-old child, who is a fussy eater with a sweet tooth. “The other day I walked in the lounge and found P. behind the door, demolishing a pot of  ‘chocolate spread’. I was so upset; I lost it then… Continue Reading >