To the best mother – you!

Quite a few years ago I was listening to talk back radio on a long road trip to help keep me awake and alert. The radio announcer was talking about relationships between estranged parents and children and was inviting people… Continue Reading >

Because being kind is good for everyone

Media kindly brought to you by Sudocrem   Have you ever found yourself captivated by a heartfelt story of how a random act of kindness helped make a difference in someone’s life? We become enamored by the details of how… Continue Reading >

Kindness Is Your Greatest Asset

Listening to a podcast recently where Hugh Mackay, a social psychologist and author of ‘The Kindness Revolution’, was being interviewed, he spoke about how humans are wired to be kind. He says “To be kind – always and to everyone –… Continue Reading >

Bring Back the Magic of Christmas

Christmas time is seen as the time of giving.  We celebrate it as ‘the happiest time of the year’.  But, have we lost a bit of the childlike joy that comes with Christmas?  Are we focusing on the wrong things? … Continue Reading >

What A Character!

When people pass away you find out things you didn’t know about them before. I find eulogies interesting because you always learn something about someone that you thought you knew well but there’s always something you didn’t know – even… Continue Reading >

Stopping domestic violence starts in early childhood

Violence against women is preventable because we know that the cycle of violence starts with disrespect. Violence stems from sexist attitudes and disrespect of women and girls such as: that women and girls aren’t as good as men and boys, don’t deserve… Continue Reading >

Tips To Support Our Kids This School Year 2021 | Justin Coulson | Ep 144

  Today we welcome back a familiar face, For anyone who may not not know who Dr Justin Coulson is, which I don’t think there would be many at all, Justin is one Australia’s most trusted and respected parenting experts… Continue Reading >

The Spirit of Christmas in a COVID-19 Year

 by Krissy Regan Many people are not ready to think about Christmas yet and I don’t blame them – I’m not quite there yet myself.  I confess I feel a bit worried about Christmas because I see so many families… Continue Reading >

Sowing the Seeds of Kindness

When I was ten, we moved from Brisbane, Australia, to live in Oregon, USA, for a year. This meant going to a new school in a new city and making new friends. Due to the differences in school years, I… Continue Reading >

Sex After Childbirth

People may warn you about how your life will change when you have a baby. Yet nothing really prepares you for the reality! You knew you would feel tired, but now realise that you didn’t really know what that really… Continue Reading >