Halloween Special Edition

7 Ideas For A Safe Halloween At-Home 2020 has been a strange year and it seems Halloween won’t look quite the same either. But even without trick or treating, Halloween can be just as fun. All of these ideas can… Continue Reading >

Christmas on a Budget – 2020 Style

How do we celebrate the big one after the shocker of a year we’ve had?   2020; the year we weren’t expecting. The whole world has been flipped on its head and back again, and this is no different for… Continue Reading >

Father’s Day Special Edition

Hooray for all the Father’s in our lives! We celebrate you and all the grandfathers, godfathers, stepfathers, father-in-law, uncles, husbands, partners, brothers, friends, fellow dads and men who love with a father’s heart. This year, Father’s Day will be little… Continue Reading >

Kawaii Kids

Kawaii Kids is a baby and kids store that is located in Horsham (Victoria, 3400). We have been online since 2008 and in Horsham since 2011. We stock a fabulous range of brands both in store and online, and love… Continue Reading >

Avoid buying cliché gifts for Mum with last-minute shopping!

Christmas is fast-approaching and the number of days to finish your Christmas shopping are dwindling. If you’ve found yourself with not long to go until Christmas and still got a gift list as long as your arm, don’t panic, you’re… Continue Reading >

Christmas-Themed School Holiday Fun!

Grinches aside, just about everybody loves Christmas! Grab the kids, get in the spirit and enjoy the cheeriest time of year with this ultimate list for Christmas-themed school holiday fun! Sure to get you feeling super merry in no time!… Continue Reading >

Reach Better Life Balance Through Regular Exercise!

Being a parent brings boundless love and an abundant array of so many other amazing gifts to our life…. but let’s not sugar-coat this gig too much…. it can also be tough…. especially if you’re a single parent like me!… Continue Reading >

Is your child having Christmas lunch with their abuser?

Shockingly, almost 50% of children who are being sexually abused will celebrate Christmas lunch this year with their abuser. Whilst this statistic might seem hard to believe, childhood sexual abuse statistics indicate that approximately 90% of victims will know their… Continue Reading >

A Birthday Do-Over

In the lead up to my birthday, I was not excited. Sad but true. Normally I’m super excited and happy. I daydream about what the kids have bought me, and what hubby might have organised. This year I think the… Continue Reading >

How to teach your kids the gift of giving

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s a time of joy, of love, of togetherness. It’s also a time of giving, compassion and kindness. Here’s how you can teach your kids the warm, fuzzy side of Christmas this year. Giving thanks For… Continue Reading >