Emotion Naming Games for Children

Children who have a firm understanding of their emotional experiences are more able to regulate and express their feelings in healthy ways have more positive relationships, are better prepared for learning and also have higher self-esteem. When a child struggles… Continue Reading >

The Simple Way to Teach Your Child Emotional Intelligence

by Dr. Scott Zarcinas   Emotions are powerful. They can be the wind pushing your child toward their goals, or they can be the anchor ropes tying them to the spot. So it’s very important to teach our children about… Continue Reading >

What is EQ? How Can It Lead Children To Better Individual and Societal Outcomes? | Stephanie Pinto | Ep 177

  Every parent, and caregiver, want to give their children the best chance to succeed in life. A crucial ingredient in experiencing a joyful happy life lies within the quality of our relationships, fuelled with emotion. Many psychologists over time… Continue Reading >

How Teaching our Kids EQ can Lead to Better Individual and Societal Outcomes

Stephanie Pinto, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and Trainer, Co-Founder at EQ Culture and Emotional Intelligence trainer for Zen Tea Lounge Foundation What is Emotional Intelligence? Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been defined as a set of skills associated with monitoring one’s… Continue Reading >

How to Strengthen your Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Every parent, and caregiver, wants to give their children the best chance to succeed at life. Time and time again when speaking to early childhood educators they mention parents concern, and anxiety, of their children’s academic development in preschool. Did… Continue Reading >