The struggle that mealtimes can become in the toddler years. Would a shift in focus help?

By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics Facebook Bayside Dietetics   Zoe* was describing mealtimes at home with such clarity I could feel distressed within myself as I listened. Zoe was a self-described foodie, but since children and cooking for… Continue Reading >

20 Questions to Ask your Mum this Mother’s Day

Below you’ll find 20 great questions to ask your mum this Mother’s Day. But first, some background. I was reading a book recently and came across a sentence that stopped me cold: “If you see your mother twice a year… Continue Reading >

Why you should say sorry to your kids

Yes, children need guidance, they need their parents to be positive role models and they need to learn to show respect, but there’s also other important things they need to learn – their parents are human, their parents are also… Continue Reading >

How to tell kids the truth about Santa

By Hannah Davison   Kids ask the curliest questions, and almost always without warning. If you’re wondering how and when you have to answer the ‘Is Santa real?’, question, I’m here to help you through it. First, let’s deal with… Continue Reading >

Sesame Workshop Introduces New Sesame Street Muppet and Announces Special to Celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Communities and the Power of Belonging

Featuring new Korean American character Ji-Young and an all-star lineup of celebrity guests, See Us Coming Together debuts on multiple platforms in Australia on Friday, November 25. Sesame Workshop today announced a new family special celebrating the rich diversity of… Continue Reading >

Common Mistakes when Teaching Personal Safety and How to Avoid Them

Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson (ABCSL) is a free livestreamed event that engages children across the country in vital personal safety education. In National Child Protection Week, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation will livestream two brand new video safety lessons to… Continue Reading >

Without Super Human Strength

When I was a child we used to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” our magical chant we used to recite to ward off bullies. Unfortunately, it was the biggest lie ever… Continue Reading >

How to Have a ‘Check-In’ Conversation with Expectant and New Parents

If you know an expectant or new parent there are many ways to offer support. It can be hard to know where to start. If it is you that is having a difficult time, it can be hard to even… Continue Reading >

Intimacy After Childbirth | Debbie Rivers | Ep 121

  Did you know approximately 40% of first-time mums are not intimate a great deal after a baby is born? The good news is that this is just a phase many relationships go through. Also, that more marriages break up… Continue Reading >

We need to talk about the climate crisis

As ice melt increases and bush fires rage, it is more vital than ever that we talk about the looming global climate crisis. We cannot act unless we talk and we cannot talk unless we learn to recognise and acknowledge… Continue Reading >