10 Essential Tips for Co-Parenting Peacefully During The Christmas Holidays

With the Christmas holidays less than 100 days away, you might be starting to make plans for the Christmas and school holidays with your children. But, when you need to consider the needs of your ex and their plans for… Continue Reading >

Are you Co-Parenting? Here’s what NOT to do..

Are you a single parent? Sharing the parenting with your ex? Co-parenting can be very challenging. It takes a certain level of compromise, cooperation and communication to be able to do it without too much conflict or disruption for the… Continue Reading >

The Challenges and Rewards of being a Gay Dad

By Jacqui Tomlins, as seen under Rainbow Families   Gay men are taking an increasingly active role in parenting through fostering, co-parenting and surrogacy. In recent years, the increased prevalence of out gay dads has helped raise awareness and drive… Continue Reading >

Tools to Make Co-parenting Easier

As a parent, it’s tricky to stay on top of the happenings in one household, let alone two. While separation is tough for many reasons, the adjustment to co-parenting is probably one of the most difficult aspects – especially if… Continue Reading >

Let your kids be bored these holidays.

School Holidays – for many it can mark a period of relief for parents, a break from the constant daily grind of getting children up and ready for school, packed lunches, early morning arguments about brushing teeth and putting socks… Continue Reading >

5 Ground rules for successful co-parenting

Being a parent comes with a multitude of challenges. There is no rule book, and often no right or wrong. It’s a process of learning and discovery. It can be tricky, emotional, rewarding and exhausting all at the same time…. Continue Reading >