Little Sprouts Program

Little Sprouts Program

Eco glitter snow globes are a fun and easy DIY sustainability activity. They make perfect handmade gifts for occasions like Christmas, or beautiful decorations for any space. This activity allows children to exercise choice through selection of materials, learn about reusing and recycling through play, and supports the development of fine motor skills. We run this activity with preschool children, 3-5 years, but it can be adapted for any age group – adults love making these just as much as the kids!

We encourage the use of BioglitterTM for this activity as their glitter is certified to break down in natural environments like freshwater and soil should you no longer want to keep the snow globe. Buy BioglitterTM  from Glitterazzi in Melbourne, Australia. See the Little Sprouts Guide to Sparkling Responsibly for more information on biodegradable glitter. You could also use natural glitter like flower petals or small bits of coloured paper or cardboard. 

An easy step-by-step video guide to making Eco-friendly Sparkly Snow Globes can be found here.


  • A decoration for the snow globe
  • A clean, watertight recycled glass jar with a lid that fits over the decoration
  • Glitter (biodegradable glitter recommended)
  • Waterproof glue
  • Water


Step 1: Chose your snow globe feature

Firstly, decide what decorations you want to put in your snow globe. Find an item that is not going to break down quickly in water. Have you got old plastic toys you can repurpose? 

Step 2: Pick a jar

Choose a clean, reused glass jar with a lid that fits the decorations you have picked. Make sure to remove and clean off residue from any labels. 

Step 3: Do a quick test with water

You can make your snow globe with or without water. If you are going to add water, do a quick test to ensure it is watertight. Make sure the lid and jar are completely dry again before moving onto the next step. 

Step 4: Attach the decoration

Use waterproof glue to attach your decoration to the underside of the clean, dry lid. Wait for the glue to dry.  

Step 5: Add in glitter and water

Add in biodegradable glitter. If you are making a water-less snow globe, put on the lid and shake. If you are adding water, fill up the jar with water, close the lid and swish away until your heart’s content.