Though comfort and indulgent eating at home has made it all too easy for children to reach for a cheeky snack or two, it is still possible to incorporate a balanced diet by introducing new and nourishing recipes.

With many Australians still under strict lockdown, leading dietitian and Tassal ambassador, Susie Burrell, says that the importance of a healthy and balanced diet cannot be underestimated, especially when keeping your family refreshed and energised for the day ahead.

“Maintaining a balanced and nutrient rich diet year-round is essential in optimising our overall health, whether that’s to help reduce stress levels, or improve our sleep quality, support immune function and mental wellbeing,” Susie says.

Though there are many factors to consider for a ‘balanced’ diet, the best place to start would be to include foods that contain essential vitamins, fats and are rich in protein. Protein rich foods such as salmon, contain B group vitamins and essential Omega-3 fats which are recommended to be consumed at least twice weekly.

“Vitamin B plays an important role in digestion, and is directly involved in breaking down carbohydrates and transporting nutrients throughout our body. It also supports growth of red blood cells and supports energy regulation,” Susie adds.

“When it comes to feeding children, it’s all about doing things differently, keeping things interesting, and maybe introducing something new during different parts of the day,” she says.

“Kids love brunch, and with salmon being such a nutrient-rich source of protein, brunch is a great way to introduce them to new foods such as salmon.”

As a keen bruncher, cooking new recipes during this time keeps Susie’s family on their toes, and she encourages others to do the same.

“Brunch is one of my favourite meals of the day and knowing that when I start my morning with a nutritious and balanced breakfast, it provides me with the mood-boost I need, especially in lockdown!”

Susie also suggests that the novelty and irregularity of brunch also gives flexibility to try something a little more enticing, and to perhaps try a new and nutritious recipe that hasn’t been attempted before.

“When brainstorming brunch ideas, you can be really creative rather than sticking to traditional options such as toast and butter, cereal, porridge or eggs.”

“If you’re keen to introduce some extra protein like cooked and ready-to-eat Tassal Hot Smoked Salmon, switching your traditional brunch to Tassal’s Corn Fritters or SLT Sandwich, will not only provide you with a nutrient rich breakfast option, but will also get the entire family involved in creating something exciting and different.”