Have you ever heard of Adrenal fatigue or burnout before?This occurs when our adrenal glands become so overworked from chronic stress that they can no longer produce essential hormones and many of our body functions become compromised.

The stay at the home era, for all its wonderful benefits of having us supposedly slow down, has, in fact, increased workloads, pressures and stresses to many households.

We’re here today to show our support and share with you expert tips to help prevent and or overcome burnout whilst in isolation.

To talk with us about this is our special guest Krissy Regan, Founder of Mindful Mums Queensland and author of the new book Broken to Unbreakable, 12 Steps to and Unbreakable Mind, Body and Spirit.

Krissy chats to us about the numerous natural and proven stress-busting techniques that you can try to reduce, or even prevent, burnout from occurring.


We ask Krissy questions including:

  1. What was your experience with burnout, how did you recognise and overcome it?
  2. In your experience, have you noticed a common theme or thread with the types of people that suffer from burnout?
  3. Why do so many people suffer from burnout?
  4. So, what are the common signs of burnout that a parent home in isolation may be feeling and what should they do to overcome them?
  5. How can parents stop this cycle during this time of home isolation?
  6. How can we encourage parents to prioritise Self-care?
  7. What can working mums do to prevent burnout while juggling so many conflicting priorities?


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