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Positive Mind Works

Positive Mind Works

Sam is the Director and Principal Psychologist of an Online Psychology service called Positive Mind Works. Having grown up in the outback Sam was all too aware that adequate health services are not always easy to access.

The obvious reason being that Australia is geographically huge! But actually there is a lot more to it than that.

Access to adequate mental health care can be difficult for mums, dads, young people, country and city folk. A range of obstacles prevent people from accessing the right help at the right time, including transport costs, time off work, child care, and stigma. The knock on effect is significant with individuals and families suffering the consequences of untreated mental illness.

Four years ago, we launched Positive Mind Works as the online resource for mental wellness throughout Australia and New Zealand. The website provides stacks of resources, a support forum and tips for enhancing mental wellbeing.

In addition, we also provide one to one support for individuals, couples and young people via a secure online platform. Our team of expert psychologists provides professional, confidential and effective advice via webcam, phone and typing.



3 Ways Journaling Can Benefit Your Child

Writing in a journal can help your child to communicate their emotions and ideas, process their feelings and build up their writing skills. It encourages children to write things down to recount daily activities and any feelings surrounding these. It… Continue Reading >

Your Child’s birth-order : What matters and what doesn’t

Di Gramp Senior Psychologist Positive Mind Works   Alfred Adler, a contemporary psychoanalyst to Sigmund Freud, was the first to theorized over 50 years ago that the birth order of children effects not only your child’s personality but that its… Continue Reading >

5 Tips to Help Children with ADHD Focus at School

School can be a very frustrating place for children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) but finding effective strategies to help them stay focused can make a huge difference to the success of your child’s education and overall happiness. Why… Continue Reading >

5 Myths about Children’s Mental Health

It’s always easier to empathise with suffering when we can clearly see it, such as a child with a broken leg. However, the suffering of a child with mental health problems is far less noticeable. In fact, many children with… Continue Reading >

Five Ways to Help Your Child Break the Cycle of Anxiety

It can be tough to watch your child struggle with anxiety and even the most well-meaning parents at times say things that may end up exacerbating anxious feelings, instead of alleviating them. If your child is suffering from an anxiety… Continue Reading >

Fixed versus Growth Mindset? Cultivating a growth mindset.

Many high achievers also struggle with a fixed mindset. This article firstly explains what we mean by fixed mindset and growth mindset and then provides some helpful tips for parents for contribute to a growth mindset. What is this mindset… Continue Reading >

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most complaints we hear from people in our psychology practice is difficulty sleeping. It may be difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep, waking up too early, or simply feeling fatigued. Well I wanted to share with… Continue Reading >

My child has ADHD, what can I do to help?

It can be hard enough parenting without additional complications such as ADHD. At times it can feel like you are talking a different language to your child, and in some ways you are. Children with ADHD do have functionally different… Continue Reading >

Body Image… What are you really teaching your children?

The sad reality is that children younger and younger are expressing concerns about body image. Negative body image can cause significant distress and low self-esteem. Research has indicated that children as young as 8 and 9 are vulnerable to negative… Continue Reading >

“The Strength Switch” by Dr Lea Waters – a book review

This month I am presenting you with a book review. Why am I doing this …. basically because it’s a really good read but more than this… the more people that get themselves a copy, either from the library, a… Continue Reading >

The Value of a Family Dinner-time

The tradition of a sit down family dinner around a dining table is one which has fluctuated over recent years. The abundance of distraction, busyness and technology has for many families meant that traditional dinners have disintegrated into two or… Continue Reading >

Put your own oxygen mask on first

If you have been on a plane recently then you will have heard the airline safety message, “fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others, including children”. Does this sound a bit crazy…….. cruel….. unrealistic….. or down-right sensible?  … Continue Reading >

What it is to be Human (big humans and kids alike!)

  So researchers have put their heads together and after much debate decided there are 6 primary human emotions… Anger Fear Sadness Surprise Trust Anticipation   Although a quick google search will, of course, provide a wide variety of answers… Continue Reading >

Digital Detox

We have all heard of dry July, and I think as a whole society is seeing the benefit of this sort of fasting. Helping us to regain a balance on an enjoyable habit that is fine in moderation, but of… Continue Reading >

When to seek help? Pre / Postnatal Depression

While depression and anxiety can occur at any stage in life we know it is more likely for women to experience depression during pregnancy, and for up to a year following childbirth. Depression at this stage can have serious and… Continue Reading >

What to do when your child tells you they are being bullied?

Our initial reaction can often be one that is driven by raw feelings of protectiveness, anger and love. Some parents are instinctively driven to contact the bully’s parents and the school, demanding the situation is resolved. While this is not… Continue Reading >

Talk to your children about Mental Health

According to recent research, approximately 560 000 Australian Children and Adolescents have experienced a mental disorder in the past year. That is one in seven 4-17 year olds. A whopping 65 % of teenagers have searched the internet for information… Continue Reading >

What is Positive Parenting and how do I do it?

Lets face it the world of parenting these days is a confusing maze of different theories, models and suggestions about how we can optimise health, wellbeing and development for our children. Its great to feel there is not a ‘once… Continue Reading >

We have great news, Positive Mind Works is here!

Online counselling is providing mental health counselling services through the internet. Typically, the services offered are via real-time chat, video conferencing and email. Some clients have preferred online counselling in replacement for office visits. Clients can receive initial treatment and… Continue Reading >

The 5 Simple Steps for Encouraging a Child’s Healthy Self Esteem:

One of the most common areas that we work in with adults is addressing low self-esteem. So it makes sense that many parents are asking themselves “how can I help my child to develop healthy self-esteem”. You don’t need a… Continue Reading >



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