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A family business since 1988, play is our passion.

We inspire children to play in the fresh air and love the outdoors. Our in-house design team based in the UK make products that are sustainable, durable and safe. We're here to care for your child and their playset long after your purchase.

Indoor and outdoor play has never been more fun with Plum Play products!

With a huge variety of play products, we've been active play specialists for over 30 years and understand the importance of playing for children and how to allow their imaginations to develop and explore, for fun and childhood development. At Plum, we aim for all our products to inspire creativity and fun, while ensuring that they incorporate design innovation for safety so that your child's wellbeing is at the forefront of any play product you may consider.



The benefits of having a climbing frame for children at home

Young children need to run, climb, and discover their environment. Children who spend time climbing benefit from enhanced gross motor skills, including improved balance, coordination, and core strength.

Fun Cubbyhouse and Teepee Games Children Can Play At Home

There’s nothing quite like the magic of a cubby house. It’s a place where imaginations run wild, and creativity knows no bounds. Children step into their own make-believe world, where they can be whoever they want to be. The possibilities… Continue Reading >

Top 10 Trampoline Activities For Young Children

Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids moving? Look no further than the trampoline! Not only is bouncing on a trampoline a blast for young children, but it also offers a range of physical and mental… Continue Reading >

Sensory Benefits of Sand and Water Play

Close your eyes and picture a beautiful, sunny day outside. The warm sun is shining down on your backyard, the birds are chirping, and your children are running around, giggling and playing. Suddenly, they spot a sandpit and water table… Continue Reading >

Top 10 Trampoline Activities For The Whole Family

Are you looking for an exciting and active way to spend time outdoors with your family? Look no further than trampolines! These bouncing beauties have continued to skyrocket in popularity and are still the top pick for families worldwide. Not… Continue Reading >

Top 10 Benefits in Having a Swing Set at Home

Media kindly brought to you by Plum Play   Taking your children or grandchildren to the park to play on swings can be an incredibly joyful and uplifting experience that can fill your heart with warmth and uplift your spirits… Continue Reading >

How can parents help promote STEM and STEAM education at home?

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics education provide a solid groundwork for students to become innovative, creative thinkers and skilled tacticians. Problem-solving skills, creativity, teamwork, and job readiness are just a few outcomes that can be achieved through STEAM education.

4 ways to encourage nature-based play with your child and why it matters

Media kindly brought to you by Plum Play  Take the modern world’s increasing amount of ‘screen time’, urban living arrangements that limit access to green spaces, throw in a pandemic with enforced home lockdowns, and it’s no surprise that kids’… Continue Reading >

How to use sand and water play to engage children in early STEAM education

Media kindly brought to you by Plum Play  It’s easy to underestimate how humble sand and water can play a big role in your child’s grasp of basic science and creative expression that help them make sense of the world…. Continue Reading >



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