It has been a strange year because of COVID-19 and it seems Halloween won’t look quite the same either. But even without trick or treating, Halloween can be just as fun.

All of these ideas can be adapted for toddlers right up to teenagers. And of course, whether they are done with just your immediate family or with a few others will depend on the Australian state you live in and the current COVID restrictions.

  1. Dress Up Party with Games

Just because you’re staying in, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. You can raid the dress up box, wear each other’s clothes or even make costumes out of crepe paper or toilet paper. Some might have a big stash of the latter!

Games could include bobbing for apples, racing to eat hanging donuts with no hands, pin the nose on the witch, Halloween bingo or charades.

  1. Scary Movie Night

Build a fort in your lounge room, get out the torches and put on a scary movie. While movies like It and Nightmare on Elm Street might be great for teenagers, there are also many options for families and younger children. Harry Potter, Casper and even E.T. are always popular choices.

You can also have some Halloween movie treats. You can get creative and make your own spooky biscuits and pastries – or you can cheat and buy a heap of Halloween lollies and cookies to munch on.

  1. Make Up Fright Night

Buy a heap of face paint and see who can create the scariest face for Halloween. There are plenty of photos on the internet that you can print off for inspiration. Designs can be really simple or more intricate for the young budding make up artists.

For older teenagers, they might even like to upload photos of their artistry to social media or a Whatsapp account with only friends invited.

  1. Cupcake and Cookie Decorating

There are so many online ghoulish ideas for cupcakes and cookies – this could be a Halloween activity that keeps the whole family busy for hours. For those who are extra keen, you can even bake the cupcakes and cookies before decorating.

Food colouring, fairy floss, Halloween themed lollies …the possibilities for decorating are endless. You could even have your own family judging system and crown someone a winner.

  1. Art and Craft

Like the cooking option, this is one that can be modified for any age group and keep people entertained for ages. Painting, origami, pencil drawings, paper mache…anything goes really!

To add to the ambience, you could even do your art and craft by candlelight. Maybe some pumpkin carving to hold the candles could be the first artistic activity of the afternoon.

  1. Horror Dance Party

Turn off the lights and pump up the music. For those that love to dance, a music marathon is the perfect way to enjoy Halloween at home. Add some flashing lights and scary costumes to add to the atmosphere.

The playlist could include songs like Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the Ghostbusters theme. But really, any song goes – some kids might even have some fun choosing the music for the dance party. An added option could be some karaoke.

  1. Outdoor Slumber Party

Have a backyard slumber party with a camp fire if possible. The kids can toast marshmallows and tell each other scary stories.

For younger children, you might even read them stories while sitting around the camp fire. But guaranteed – the excitement of sleeping outdoors will be enough in itself. A simple activity that will make Halloween memorable.


COVID may have taken away many opportunities this year, but it can’t take away self-made fun and your imagination. Children of all ages will love indulging in any of these activities – or better still, combine a few and give ‘em “pumpkin” to talk about!

Cathy Camera –