We all know it’s far too easy to put on a kilo, or two, during the cold winter months. It’s the time of year that comfort food is at its best.

Coupled with this, not everyone is a fan of the cold and the thought of heading outdoors for a brisk walk or run is usually replaced with sitting on the couch with a hot cup of tea of coffee.

Winter 2020 has these challenges and then some which means many of us are moving less and are gaining unwanted corona kilos.

So, how can we ensure we can stay fit and healthy in isolation 2.0? Today we welcome our special guest, Ben Lucas, to talk to us all about it.

Ben is the Director of Flow Athletic, Father of two, and celebrity trainer to Erin Holland, Sammy Robinson and Talitha Cummins


We ask Ben questions including:

  1. Why should parents make their health and wellbeing a priority during isolation?
  2. Exercising in times of stress is hugely beneficial for our mind and body, can you tell us why this is and how it can benefit our mental health?
  3. What are hybrid workouts and what are the benefits of doing them?
  4. What are your 3 top low impact and 3 high intensity interval training examples?
  5. What are body weight exercises?
  6. How long should home workouts go for and how many times per week do we need to exercise to stay healthy?
  7. Why is stretching so important?
  8. What are the best foods to eat whilst home in insolation?
  9. What should parents do to prioritise their health and wellbeing?
  10. What are the biggest issues you are seeing from clients in terms of their health post isolation?


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