Tips on Managing Work while Pregnant

Pregnancy looks and feels different from woman to woman but also from pregnancy to pregnancy for the same woman. Depending on age, job type, and health risks, the list goes on. My first pregnancy in 2008 when I was a… Continue Reading >

How to take care of yourself by practicing self-compassion

There are endless reminders out there to ‘put yourself first’. But the idea of taking care of yourself can start to stress people out. Like, who has time to add another task to their already busy day? Isn’t there already… Continue Reading >

Losing Yourself, Finding Yourself

During a recent conversation with one of my friends, she mentioned that the reason she started mountainbiking was that she found she had lost herself and her own identity and was “just a mum” and needed something more. Funnily enough,… Continue Reading >

Practising self-care now that your child is at school

Susan Spelic Reading Advocate and Parent   Once your child has gone into their classroom you may have choices. If you are working, you might need to race to work but if the day is yours to do important errands… Continue Reading >