Introducing New Foods To Young Children

Introducing new foods to young children can be a testing time for parents and caregivers.  Tears and tantrums are commonplace and mealtimes can be extremely challenging for the whole family. But let’s imagine what the experience is like from the… Continue Reading >

Start Them Young – Learn Your Fruit and Veg Program

At Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia, we see the positive mental and physical impacts that food education and cooking skills can make in the lives of everyday Aussies. These skills have an even more positive lifelong impact when they are… Continue Reading >

Top 10 Trampoline Activities For Young Children

Are you looking for a fun way to get your kids moving? Look no further than the trampoline! Not only is bouncing on a trampoline a blast for young children, but it also offers a range of physical and mental… Continue Reading >

What are prewriting shapes and why are they important for my child’s handwriting?

  Children, as young as those in childcare, are learning to write their names. However, before a child learns to write letters, numbers and even their names, there is something that is more important for them to learn. And this… Continue Reading >


When children bite, it tends to shock adults more than any other negative behaviour, however biting is common among young children and understanding the reason for your child’s biting is the first step in being able to help to change… Continue Reading >

The importance of play in the lives of young children

In early childhood education, play has characteristically been regarded as the main way that young children learn. There are many forms of play including, block play, symbolic play, water play, and so on, each with their specific definitions and association… Continue Reading >

Rules for Dating My Daughter

All right dads gather round, we need to talk about our precious little princesses and those disgusting little boys who want to get their filthy hands on them! We know from experience because we were once that hormone crazed little… Continue Reading >