Simple things you can do to build a healthy mother/daughter relationship

by Monica M. Bijoux, CEO/ Founder & International Bestselling Author   Parenting is complicated enough.  For me being a single teenage mother with complications of having a significant history of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse made parenting 10x more difficult. … Continue Reading >

Teenagers and Drugs

What is the difference between firm boundaries and controlling, in the context of disciplining teenagers for drug use? Controlling in this instance is dictating and supervising their every move.  A firm boundary, on the other hand, is used to control… Continue Reading >

How to Develop Resilience in Teens

Adversity and setbacks are a part of life. This is no less true for the formative pre-teen and teenage years. When faced with difficulties and challenges, we are presented with an opportunity to learn and grow from our experiences. For… Continue Reading >

Helping Kids Manage Their Emotions During Lockdown

Since COVID entered our lives in early 2020 there have been a multitude of events that have caused anxiety, confusion, and numerous other emotions for our children. As our country is now being impacted by continual lock downs it can… Continue Reading >

How to help kids cope with disappointment caused by isolation

In a world impacted by Coronavirus it can seem like everything fun has been cancelled. There are so many things that have suddenly disappeared from our children’s lives –  birthday parties, holidays, visiting grandparents, play dates, the Easter Show- so… Continue Reading >

‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ – fostering kids’ independence.

When we see our kids struggling to do an independent task, it can be difficult to watch as they are frustrated and it’s a challenge to resist helping them.  We want our kids to succeed but how can we foster… Continue Reading >

What is a Doula and what are the benefits of hiring one?

Traditionally, a Doula was a woman offering non-medical support and information to other women and their partners during birth and the postnatal period. ‘Doula‘ is a Greek word that came to mean “woman’s servant”. I believe that a Doula is a support and information bank… Continue Reading >