Signs of emotional eating: are you an emotional eater?

Do you ever eat something and think later, ‘why did I eat that?’ We all do it! And it is usually unconscious… I have often caught myself in the pantry having one of those “oh well I’ve already messed up… Continue Reading >

Teaching kids to cope with failing

Somehow in our culture, we have developed the belief that protecting our kids from discomfort, and the pain of disappointment, is the way to be effective parents. There is a misconception that if children suffer any discomfort growing up, there’s… Continue Reading >


Ah teething – once a baby has settled down out of their newborn colicky phase – we then move onto blaming all unsettled behaviour on teething!   Timing Lots of babies will start putting their hands and other objects in… Continue Reading >

Becoming a Stepfamily- A Teenagers guide

“I didn’t choose this, why do I have to live with these people” Teenagers are probably the most challenging when creating a new stepfamily – here are some tips for them to help them adjust to their new family!  … Continue Reading >

When something just doesn’t feel right!

When it comes to having effective body safety conversations, it is essential that we help our young children to identify inappropriate behaviour. However, it is also important to teach them to trust their own intuition when ‘something just doesn’t feel… Continue Reading >

Partner Support in labour – Do’s and Don’ts

Renee Adair   So, you have found out you and your wife/partner are having a baby, and in amongst all of the joy and possible shock of discovering you are going to be a parent, you suddenly cast your mind… Continue Reading >

Would you Recognise an Allergic Reaction?

Often when talking to people, they share their confusion about how to know if someone is having an allergic reaction. In order to be able to help someone, you kind of need to be able to recognise the situation. So… Continue Reading >

From the loss of a nephew to a national disco broadcast that raises funds for Red Nose!

This year marks 10-years since my nephew passed away. It breaks my heart every time I hear of a family going through the loss of a child. A loss is so obviously heartbreaking for parents, it also breaks the hearts… Continue Reading >