Regeneration: Healing Our World Together

The latest IPCC climate report warns of the increasing risks of ecological disasters and losses. In Australia, we are already experiencing intensifying droughts, heatwaves, bushfires, storms and flood. The common threads lying behind these disasters is human destructions of our… Continue Reading >

3 Ways for Students to Build Strong and Positive Relationships with their Teachers

The new school year has started and your child may have a new teacher or may be starting high school, or perhaps your teen has a new English teacher this year. Whatever it may be, they will be spending the… Continue Reading >

Why teachers and kids should be moving, breathing and doing mindfulness activities during the school day.

There’s no denying it, it’s pretty challenging to be a kid these days. With the onslaught of social media and it’s distractions, temptations and tendency to overstimulate young brains, as well as peer and school pressure, it’s no wonder that… Continue Reading >

Learning to Learn During Lockdown

Lockdowns are tough on everyone, but they can be especially tough for children, who lack the organisational skills that many adults have spent years developing. Cut off from their friends and teachers and stuck at home with parents who have… Continue Reading >

A New Style of Learning Emerges as the Result of a Pandemic

Katherine Ohlsen   “Every day counts and there is no ‘safe’ threshold for absences” – Hancock et al., 2013. When teachers were first thrown into the pandemic, learning to adjust to the new way of educating our students was first… Continue Reading >

Battling Lockdown Fatigue: Three Strategies to Bolster our Resilience

by Dr Tom Brunzell, Director of Education,  Berry Street Victoria   All parents have come to know the feeling well—the nervous stomach and in-take of breath each morning when checking the news. One day it’s relief that no news is… Continue Reading >

The benefits of play-based learning for children who experience social and emotional difficulties

This month, LEGO Foundation has announced their support of Play Included, a UK-based social enterprise dedicated to training teachers, psychologists, speech and language therapists, and other professionals to use LEGO play for therapeutic purposes as part of the Brick-by-BrickTM program…. Continue Reading >

Dispositions Necessary for Children to Learn

As a result of recent events which recently saw most children learning at home, under the guidance of their parents, and the direction of their teachers, and now having returned to school, three conditions, relevant in any setting, are necessary… Continue Reading >

World-First Algorithm Reduces Spread Of COVID-19 Outbreaks By 36% | Geoff Craig | Ep 120

  For some time now there has been a global debate about the prospect & probability of children contributing to the spread of COVID-19. As we know people of all ages can be infected by coronavirus, & as medical professionals… Continue Reading >

A New Way To Watch Kids TV

Real-time engagement are buzzwords of the moment. With the increasing pace of change built by technical innovation, it is the function of real-time interactive technology to drive flexible and participatory learning for children. Its value is gaining traction as a… Continue Reading >