How Often Can I See My Child?

Breaking-up create a new dynamic in the family and raises a lot of questions. Unfortunately, there isn’t one perfect solution that can be applied to every family and there are a number of unique factors and considerations that each family… Continue Reading >

COVID-19 and the Family Court

With a surge in separations and Family Law parenting disputes, you might find yourself having an argument with your ex about your children that you didn’t expect. In this unprecedented time, it can be hard to know what to do…. Continue Reading >

Tools to Make Co-parenting Easier

As a parent, it’s tricky to stay on top of the happenings in one household, let alone two. While separation is tough for many reasons, the adjustment to co-parenting is probably one of the most difficult aspects – especially if… Continue Reading >

Christmas arrangements for separated parents

For many separated parents, the first Christmas after separation can be a particularly difficult time. There are no set rules about who the children should spend time with at Christmas, so it can be tough to know what to do…. Continue Reading >

Five Actions that could be considered Mistreatment of your Child

When the words ‘child abuse’ are said, people commonly believe the actions to be severe physical violence or severe lengths of neglect. However, throughout divorce, there are lesser actions that can have an equally severe long-term impact on your child… Continue Reading >

Divorce Answered

Rachael Scharrer created Divorce Answered to help people separate with greater ease and efficiency than she did. With free and affordable resources, you can separate with clarity, confidence and a sense of empowerment. When armed with the right information and resources, you can drive your di-vorce and increase the likelihood of an efficient and cost-effective resolution.

5 Tips to Tame Emotions with your Ex in Separation

Anyone who has been through a separation or divorce knows that the emotional ride that it takes you on can be like no other! The time period just after Separation can be the most trying, sorting out the emotional reality… Continue Reading >

How NOT to be a HOT Mess, Post-Separation

Ok, so composing yourself during the early days post-separation is HARD! Trying to navigate through the myriad of emotions that are going through your body like an electric shock that can be triggered to be exposed without much control is… Continue Reading >

How It Feels Adopting An Adult You’ve Raised As Your Own

By Jodie Myintoo Jodie Myintoo, a counsellor based in Melbourne, shares her experience officially adopting her adult daughter in the County Court.   I had the privilege of adopting my step-daughter, Monique. She is turning 23 this year. Some might… Continue Reading >

Jodie Myintoo Counsellor

My name is Jodie Myintoo and I am a counsellor, I completed my Diploma in Counselling with a Government Accredited school called the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling. Like all reputable counsellors, I have a supervisor, she has been a… Continue Reading >