Separation anxiety at drop-off….help! 

We’ve all been there – rushing to work, battling traffic, scoffing a breakfast bar because we haven’t had time to eat a proper meal……we finally get to childcare, only for our little one to… Just. Stop. They grab our legs… Continue Reading >

How to Support Your Child Through Separation Anxiety

Does your child start crying or throw a tantrum when you need to leave them? This can be absolutely heart wrenching and distressing for both of you. It’s important to know that separation anxiety (distress at the point of separating… Continue Reading >

Top 10 tips to ease your child’s separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is common among children of all ages. It’s the normal fear expressed when removed from their mothers or caregivers. It starts as early as 7 months and continues, but we can help ease out that feeling as early… Continue Reading >

Separation anxiety: An essential guide for parents

Media kindly brought to you by Goodstart Early Learning   Nervous about your child starting at an early learning centre or kindergarten? Many parents are. Below are some tips from a psychologist, to ensure it’s a smooth transition for your… Continue Reading >

Separation Anxiety

It is natural for young children to feel anxious when saying goodbye. Even though separation anxiety is a normal stage of development it is very difficult to cope with. Being empathic to the child in supporting them through the anxiety… Continue Reading >

Is your pet suffering from Separation Anxiety?

As a member of the family, our pets feel changes in our life and routine (just like our kids!). Often these changes can cause separation anxiety in pets and can lead to behavioural issues. As life in Australia continues to… Continue Reading >

Tips to support our kids this school year 2021

by Dr Justin Coulson   The start of a new school year can be exciting, but it can also be an incredibly stressful time for parents and their children. A recent survey “Freedom for Fun” commissioned by Spacetalk, has revealed… Continue Reading >

Tips for supporting the transition back to school in 2021

Transitioning to a new year or a new school can be a worrisome experience for your child, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. There are many actions parents and caregivers can take to ease the transition back to school,… Continue Reading >

First Days at School

Creating a Smooth Transition for your Child If you have a preschool child, they might already be parading around your home with their new school uniform on. The hype of being a ‘big school kid’ is heightened time, often created… Continue Reading >

Let your kids be bored these holidays.

School Holidays – for many it can mark a period of relief for parents, a break from the constant daily grind of getting children up and ready for school, packed lunches, early morning arguments about brushing teeth and putting socks… Continue Reading >