How to keep your little ones ‘Kidsafe’ at home

Did you know that the home is the most common location where children are injured? If you were asked to name the place where the majority of childhood injuries occur, what would your response be? You might have thought about… Continue Reading >

Pool Safety Tips from Olympic Swim Coach Laurie Lawrence

Children are automatically drawn to water. They love to splash, float and just basically have fun in it. That’s why water safety is very important and is no laughing matter. Anyone, even children (who knows how to swim) can have… Continue Reading >

School Support Guide

Researched and written by Jacqui Tomlins Original Article can be seen on Rainbow Families    Rainbow Families School Support Guide is the result of collaboration between Rainbow Families and writer, Jacqui Tomlins.  The Guide has been developed in response to… Continue Reading >

We have great news, Positive Mind Works is here!

Online counselling is providing mental health counselling services through the internet. Typically, the services offered are via real-time chat, video conferencing and email. Some clients have preferred online counselling in replacement for office visits. Clients can receive initial treatment and… Continue Reading >

Ways to Babyproof your Home

Babyproofing or childproofing the home is very important in keeping the little ones safe. It is making an environment safe for children. As your baby grows and learns to move around the house, they will have a greater risk of… Continue Reading >