The lowdown on how to care for the body when reducing lactose.

Tummy troubles associated with milk? Is it best to avoid milk altogether or try lactose free? Why is lactose free milk so sweet and does that mean it’s high in sugar? By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics Facebook Bayside… Continue Reading >

5-Minute Teriyaki Poke Bowl

By Lyndi Cohen, Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist and SunRice Health and Wellbeing Ambassador   Total time 5 minutes Serves 2 Ingredients 2 x 250g SunRice Steamed Fragrant Jasmine Rice Quick Cups 210g salmon, tinned 300g coleslaw mix 2 Tbsp… Continue Reading >

I can’t face another year of lunchbox sandwiches Mum and Dad!

By Sarah Smith from Bayside Dietetics FB Bayside Dietetics Twitter #BaysideDietetic Instagram @baysidedietetics   I think cucumber was the worst. Tomato was a close call on making the bread soggy but cucumber had that tangy smell by 12pm. Poor… Continue Reading >

Kid Friendly Recipes for Summer

Summer is here and whether we like it or we don’t, we have to enjoy it with the kids around, especially now that it’s the holidays. One of the things that the whole family enjoys doing whether you are indoors… Continue Reading >

Why eggs are no longer the devil!

There are lots of people out there with an opinion on how to introduce solids to your baby. Well-meaning grandmas, celebrity chefs, the random lady down the street. You name it, they have a great plan for what you should… Continue Reading >