To Scan or not to Scan

By Kathy Fray That is a question during this Pandemic Here’s the general recommendations to keep everyone as safe as possible: Woman only at all scans – no extra attendees (unless as emotional support during a suspected miscarriage confirmation scan)… Continue Reading >

What instructions are your Maternity HealthCare Providers (midwives, obstetricians, doulas) receiving to keep You, your Baby, and Themselves safe during your Pregnancy ?

By Kathy Fray It is physiologically normal during pregnancy1 to naturally be immuno-compromised (it is part of how your body doesn’t reject growing your baby). But add into that fact, knowing that local Hospitals (where you may have been planning to give… Continue Reading >

School Road Safety Guide

Like parents, schools can contribute to road safety for kids through road safety policies in and around the school area. A road-safety policy for schools could include recommendations to parent drivers, educating kids and parents on road safety, and improving… Continue Reading >

I wish all new parents were told…

Many new or expecting parents share similar fears and concerns during this time and my hope is to offer some best practice researched advice, strategies and recommendations for families to try, because if there is one thing I have learnt… Continue Reading >

The ultimate essentials your baby needs for holiday travel!

Plan for sleep these summer holidays! When travelling with a newborn or toddler it’s essential to ensure you prepare a comfortable environment for the little cherubs to rest and sleep. If you’ve travelled with little humans, when it comes to sleeping on… Continue Reading >