What is it like to have Two Dads?

Our life from the children’s point of view Recently we acknowledge National Coming Out Day, an annual event recognised on October 11 every year motivated to create a time when we can stop and reflect on how life has changed… Continue Reading >

Emotion Naming Games for Children

Children who have a firm understanding of their emotional experiences are more able to regulate and express their feelings in healthy ways have more positive relationships, are better prepared for learning and also have higher self-esteem. When a child struggles… Continue Reading >

Overcoming Stagnation in our Life

By Krissy Regan The Wellness Poet   Do you sometimes feel like you are not moving forward? In this article I discuss the idea of Stagnation, and ways we can overcome it. This past 2 months I’ve felt myself stagnate… Continue Reading >

How to Develop Resilience in Teens

Adversity and setbacks are a part of life. This is no less true for the formative pre-teen and teenage years. When faced with difficulties and challenges, we are presented with an opportunity to learn and grow from our experiences. For… Continue Reading >

Understanding the Sensory System to teach children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder to eat new foods

By Melanie Bouras, Paediatric Dietitian Youthrive   It’s important to understand the sensory system, and how it often impacts on the foods we choose to eat or refuse to eat. The Sensory System involves; Sight Touch Smell Sound The food… Continue Reading >

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation release new resources to help parents recognise, react and report online grooming

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s Safe Bedrooms initiative is a suite of resources to educate parents and carers about online grooming. The Foundation recognises that online grooming continues to be a prevalent risk for children and young people. Bruce Morcombe said,… Continue Reading >

How Music Benefits Our Child’s Brain Development

As adults we’re all aware of the joy of music. Whether it’s singing along to the radio as we drive, celebrating while you worship or belting out your band’s favourite tune when you see them play live, it’s embedded into… Continue Reading >

The Keys To Understanding Your Child

One moment I was married and a father and then the next, I was raising 3 sons on my own. The youngest being 4 years old, and his older brothers, 11 and 12. At the same time I was in… Continue Reading >

Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson – Teaching Personal Safety in the Early Years

As anyone who has accidentally sworn in from of a 4-year-old knows, children soak up enormous amount of knowledge during early childhood. While the early childhood phase is often recognised as an important time to embed literacy and numeracy skills, it… Continue Reading >

Promoting Positive Fatherhood

Dads often get praised for regular parenting (just a bit patronising!) or they get portrayed as goofy and rather unhelpful – think Peppa’s Daddy Pig! So how can we promote positive fathering and the benefits of fatherhood? Simply acknowledging dads… Continue Reading >