Dusty Dolly’s Plea

By Rachel Favilla   I ponder my childhood often. I’m nostalgic and have the memory of an elephant in that I never forget, anything. Like ever. It’s a bitter-sweet complex. I have many joyous memories to re-live in my mind…. Continue Reading >

STEM – What is it? And how can I incorporate it at home?

Welcome back to another blog post. This week we are looking at this new concept of STEM. “What is that?” I heard you say. Well, believe it or not, you wouldn’t be alone in asking this question. To put it… Continue Reading >


Ah teething – once a baby has settled down out of their newborn colicky phase – we then move onto blaming all unsettled behaviour on teething!   Timing Lots of babies will start putting their hands and other objects in… Continue Reading >

Professor Plums

Professor Plum’s is home of gifts for kids of all ages and geeky adults. We have been selling the latest and greatest in STEM gadgets for the last 16 years. Our locally loved shop is located in the leafy green North Sydney suburb of Crows Nest and we have now launched online!