How to Set Up a Movement Space for your Newborn

It is such a special time when you welcome a brand new baby into your family! Those first few weeks fly by so quickly. Babies develop and grow so quickly during their first year of life and you might be… Continue Reading >

Nourishing Practices for Mamas in Lockdown

Motherhood can be hard enough without your usual support circle to lean on, close family, friends, mother groups, exercise classes – but when they have been taken away from you during a pandemic, your wellbeing can also go downhill. The… Continue Reading >

How to eat your way to the healthiest 2021!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that health and wellness are more important than ever. So, while getting fit, losing weight and eating better are already typical New Year resolutions for many, this year even more Australians are making… Continue Reading >

The Joy of Movement

By: Jane Kilkenny That first kick that a woman feels during pregnancy is our earliest sign of the importance of movement.  That feeling is so special, it’s the first real physical indication that we have another little human growing inside. … Continue Reading >

Crafty Activities to Improve Your Kids’ Motor Skills

Believe it or not, we weren’t born with perfect motor skills. That was yet another thing we’ve all had to learn! When we’re babies, toddlers and even young children, our ability to move and perform physical actions such as picking… Continue Reading >

Getting ready for school

Dr Jane Williams and Dr Tessa Grigg   The readiness of any child for pre-school and school must be considered on an individual basis. The most important aspect to consider is to think about how your child is developing, more… Continue Reading >

Making the Most of the Holiday Season

Dr Jane Williams and Dr Tessa Grigg   ‘ ‘Tis the season to be jolly’, or so the carol goes, but for many parents the holidays present additional stress. This article looks at why it is important to engage your… Continue Reading >

Fundamental Motor Skills for Kids

By Jane Kilkenny Motion and movement are essential for development in our kids.  Fundamental motor skills such as run, jump, skip, hop, throw and catch all need attention from an early age.  FMS all work together to develop physical literacy… Continue Reading >

Why Babies need to Rock and Roll

Many parents instinctively work out that they can settle their new baby though gentle movement. Yes, that is why you sway in the supermarket queue even when you don’t have the baby with you!! So why do babies like movement… Continue Reading >

Children’s sport.  Awesome or not?

When you were growing up chances are you played a sport or two; maybe football, netball or even track and field. Sport has always been and always will be part of the Aussie lifestyle your children may be participating a… Continue Reading >