What is plagiocephaly?

Defined simply, plagiocephaly is merely an asymmetry or change to the normal shape of the skull.1 We can see many different types of this, ranging from flattening on one side to just flat at the back, and conditions causing this… Continue Reading >

Fundamental Movement Skills Essential for Growth

By: Jane Kilkenny   Raising happy and healthy kids is the number priority for parents.  Movement plays an essential part in childhood development, but not just physical development, it’s also crucial for cognitive, neurological, emotional and social development. In the… Continue Reading >

Why are my children so different?

A common statement I hear from parents is: “My kids are so different, it makes no sense! They share the same genes, environment, routines and parents! What makes them so different?”   My simple answer: It’s their Nature. Each child… Continue Reading >


Epilepsy is a disorder of brain function that takes the form of recurring seizures.  Typically, epilepsy is diagnosed in children under 5 however epilepsy can occur at any stage across the lifespan. Seizures associated with epilepsy often occur when sudden,… Continue Reading >

Regeneration: Healing Our World Together

The latest IPCC climate report warns of the increasing risks of ecological disasters and losses. In Australia, we are already experiencing intensifying droughts, heatwaves, bushfires, storms and flood. The common threads lying behind these disasters is human destructions of our… Continue Reading >

Safe Sleep Week: Top 10 Bedtime Worries of New Parents

With Australia’s 6th annual Safe Sleep Week beginning today, Red Nose has revealed the top 10 questions it receives from new parents on how to keep baby safe while sleeping. Over the COVID period, the Red Nose Safe Sleep Advice… Continue Reading >

How do you start feeling like yourself again in Motherhood?

Motherhood; A process of gaining someone but also losing someone – yourself. It’s a time of deep love but also a time of deep exhaustion. Modern Postpartum is often filled with stress, fear and overwhelm and results in mental, physical,… Continue Reading >

How to Set Up a Movement Space for your Newborn

It is such a special time when you welcome a brand new baby into your family! Those first few weeks fly by so quickly. Babies develop and grow so quickly during their first year of life and you might be… Continue Reading >

Nourishing Practices for Mamas in Lockdown

Motherhood can be hard enough without your usual support circle to lean on, close family, friends, mother groups, exercise classes – but when they have been taken away from you during a pandemic, your wellbeing can also go downhill. The… Continue Reading >

How to eat your way to the healthiest 2021!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that health and wellness are more important than ever. So, while getting fit, losing weight and eating better are already typical New Year resolutions for many, this year even more Australians are making… Continue Reading >