Tips for Fostering a Love of Reading in Your Young Child

Parents work hard to teach their children all manner of concepts and skills to prepare them for school and the world. However, one area not focused on nearly enough is literacy. The sooner and more effectively children learn to not… Continue Reading >

How to Use Lunchboxes to Introduce New Foods

Introducing new foods to your kids can quickly become one of the most dreaded tasks at mealtimes. You have to carefully walk the line between positive encouragement and engagement without crossing over into pressure that causes your child to just… Continue Reading >

We don’t have a mother, just two dads: coming out every week…

Shane Warren   Recently I was at a conference and I ran into a mother of a child who was a ‘close’ friend of my eldest in day-care.  This in itself is not an all too uncommon experience, but it… Continue Reading >

Teaching Your Kids How to Behave Around Pets

For lots of us, our families started growing when we brought home our first pet, long before the children arrived! Like all cohabiting beings pets and kids need to learn how to live together. Setting the ground rules of how… Continue Reading >

The best way to introduce baby to solids

Words by dietitian, nutritionist and wellness ambassador at SunRice, Lyndi Cohen Your baby is growing rapidly. Wonderful things are happening! In the first six months of life, the average baby will double their birth weight and by 12 months, the… Continue Reading >

Introducing Solids Safely: 4 Dietitian Tips

Responses by: Melanie McGrice, Women and Infant Dietitian   Introducing solids to your little one is an exciting, but scary time. Your little one is growing up!  Obviously, great nutrition is essential, but what else do you need to consider… Continue Reading >

5 tips on how to successfully combine breast and bottle feeding

Provided by Philips Avent Ambassador and midwife, Liz Wilkes   The modern mum is a busy woman and often needs to consider how best she can juggle bub’s feeding needs with her own. The ability for somebody else to give… Continue Reading >

Introducing Solids – How, What, When

Introducing Solids is an exciting milestone for mother and baby and also a period of great learning. Recent changes around recommendations for the introduction of allergies, have resulted in much confusion when it comes to how, when and what to… Continue Reading >

Settling for newborns

When your baby arrives into the world, we think of how cute and tiny they are. With their adorable faces and innocent smiles. It is hard not to marvel at the miracle of life. But many parents are not prepared… Continue Reading >

A super simple, stress free guide to introduce solids

There is soooo much mixed info out there on this one.  Ask ten people in your social circle- they’ll all have different ideas and rules about ‘how to’.   The reality of the situation, however, is that it is super simple… Continue Reading >