Back to School Guide – Checklist for all Stages

Starting big school is exciting and a huge milestone in a kid’s life, and also for the parents. Some things that might be different are a bigger school, having to wear a school uniform, new teachers, new kids, and not… Continue Reading >

Mealtimes and Fussy Eating

For many parents it can be a frustrating and overwhelming event during meal times if their child is a picky eater. I think when we become parents we have this expectation that our kids will just eat whatever we serve… Continue Reading >

Dinner times stressful? Try these 5 time saving tips.

If you’re anything like the mums I work with, dinner time can be a real struggle. You’ve been busy all day, the kids are grumpy after school, everyone’s hungry and you really can’t be bothered cooking.  Night after night, this… Continue Reading >

Help a Miracle this Christmas

Every year in Australia, 48,000 babies are born requiring specialised care. Of these, 27,000 are born premature and up to 1,000 babies will sadly lose their fight for life. 132 babies will be born on Christmas Day, and will sadly… Continue Reading >

7 gift-giving hacks to a great Christmas without overspending

Don’t let your rendition of “We wish you a Merry Christmas” hit a bad note with a debt-riddled new year. These gift-giving hacks will help keep your spirits AND your bank balance cheery! Every Christmas, Australians run up billions of… Continue Reading >

Playtime with Food to Help your Fussy Eater

Playtime with food may help your fussy eater according to a range of studies*. Understanding food from a sensory perspective has been shown to reduce the fear of new foods in children. Around the world scientists, educators and feeding professionals… Continue Reading >

Will a Fitbit help my child? The story of Hare and Tortoise

By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics Facebook Bayside Dietetics Instagram BaysideDietetics   This is the story of Hare, who bought a FitBit, and Tortoise, who didn’t. As always, my blogs are an interpretation of up-to-date research, so there is… Continue Reading >

Five Things You Can Do to Help Your Kids Develop a Love of Reading

You can’t start too early in developing your child’s literacy skills. From babyhood, sharing picture books introduces your child to the conventions of reading.  After they drum on the book with a spoon or drop it on the floor in… Continue Reading >

Pregnancy Yoga and How It Can Help With Labour and Birth

Pregnant? Congratulations! For most women, this will be one of the most exciting times of your life. For some women though, while still magical, it can also be a time where joints stiffen up, you feel bloated, your back may… Continue Reading >

Post Natal Depression and How to Help Manage the Changes

You’ve survived the pregnancy with its associated nausea, vomiting, exhaustion and backache as well as the hours of labour and finally the delivery of your baby, which may or may not have gone the way you had hoped or planned… Continue Reading >