Do you actually know why your child is fussy?

6 incisive fundamentals to healthy Fuss-Free-Feeding. + BONUS why they like the foods they do (so you know what to offer them to expand their range) Do the articles available on Fussy Eating generally, seem a little stale and repetitive… Continue Reading >

Are Pre-plated Meals Failing Your Fussy Eater?

“I put such healthy options on his plate, like peas and carrots! By now he has had a great deal of exposure but still will not eat them, it is so disheartening!”, Carol said to me. “All he does is… Continue Reading >

Lunch Boxes for Fussy Eaters, why bother!

Does it matter if they do not eat what is in their lunch box? Is variety really that important? Let’s face it, preparing school lunch for your fussy eater is not one of the joys of parenting. In fact, the… Continue Reading >

Playtime with Food to Help your Fussy Eater

Playtime with food may help your fussy eater according to a range of studies*. Understanding food from a sensory perspective has been shown to reduce the fear of new foods in children. Around the world scientists, educators and feeding professionals… Continue Reading >

Freaky Clean Parent, Fussy Eater Child | Marie-France Laval | Ep 195

  Picture this scenario with me for a moment if you will. Your toddler, sat in their highchair, feeding themselves surrounded by food mess. Their meal is equal parts on the table in front of them, on their clothes, face,… Continue Reading >

Tips For Fussy Eaters Who Eat Well at Childcare But Won’t Eat at Home | Marie-France Laval | Ep 163

Navigating behaviours and triggers of fussy eaters have long been an enigma for many parents. Frustratingly many fussy eaters can eat well at childcare, however not at home. Why is this the case? What strategies and techniques can be learnt… Continue Reading >

My Fussy Eater Reduces Me To Tears | Marie France Laval | Ep 152

  If you are a parent with a child who is a fussy eater and you could do with some helpful tips and advice then you’re in the right place. Today we speak with our special guest, Marie-France Laval, Dietitian-Nutritionist,… Continue Reading >

My Fussy Eater reduces me to tears

Reduce the difficulties you face with your fussy eating child. Every now and then, it dawns on me how the lives of parents of fussy eaters are negatively affected. Parents struggle, they are often overwhelmed.  A few days ago I… Continue Reading >

Fussy Eater Meal Planning 

Fussy eater meal planning can be complicated. If children dictate what food you serve, their difficulties around food will not go away. It’s OK to plan and alternate preferred meals with meals that provide good food exposure and some challenges…. Continue Reading >

Should you serve a fussy eater the same meal again after they refuse it?

Hands up if you were ever re-served the exact same meal as a kid after you refused to eat it the first time around? Hands also up, if you have thought about doing the same thing to your child when… Continue Reading >