New Treatment for Mastitis – What You Need to Know.

by: Pinky McKay IBCLC   Suddenly feeling ‘fluey’? Emotional and teary? And you have a hot sore breast? Feeling ‘fluey’ any time when you are breastfeeding is a warning sign that you could be coming down with mastitis, inflammation of the… Continue Reading >

What is hand, foot and mouth disease? How can I prevent my child from catching it?

With the increase in media covering the topic, let’s debunk the myths surrounding hand foot and mouth disease and put worried parents at ease.

Fever in babies and children – our favourite tips and resources

Here are a few tips and resources parents need to know when their little ones have a fever. It is not about watching the number, it is about looking at your child as a whole. The most accurate and cost-effective… Continue Reading >

Hayfever or Allergic Rhinitis in Children

As spring has arrived, so has hay fever season. Here is what you need to know: What is hayfever/allergic rhinitis? Allergic Rhinitis (commonly known as hayfever) is very common in both children, teenagers and adults in Australia Hayfever is an… Continue Reading >

Does Teething interfere with Sleep?

  If your baby is waking several times during the night it is unlikely to be directly related to teething. Your baby’s deepest sleep is from bed time through to midnight and from midnight till 7am your baby is in… Continue Reading >

Everything you should know about Listeria during pregnancy

Have you recently found out that you’re pregnant? What amazing news to receive! There’s nothing more exciting than the prospect of starting a family. However, I understand that this time can be a little nerve-racking, as you want to protect… Continue Reading >

When your child needs you most

Many parents are guilty of being an armchair doctor at some point in their child’s life and who can blame them? While raising children can bring incomparable joy, it can also be overwhelming, especially when a child becomes ill. When… Continue Reading >

Tackling fevers with Child Revive First Aid

Childhood illness and the odd accident is a given when bringing up children, therefore it’s important for parents to have their first aid up to date. When I was pregnant with my first child, I felt that it was vital… Continue Reading >

Choosing the Right Baby Thermometer

The times have changed and time poor Mums now need to rely a lot more on new technology to keep them posted on baby’s condition. A fever can be one of the symptoms of an underlying illness or just baby’s… Continue Reading >