20 things You Didn’t Expect When You Had Your Newborn 

By Associate Professor Dr Sandy Hopper   You devoured all the pregnancy books, worked out a birth plan, installed a baby capsule in the car and finally got the nursery set up – you are ready for your firstborn! But… Continue Reading >

The challenges couples face after childbirth with romance and sex.

By LifestyleDr Karen Phillip, Counselling Psychotherapist   Many couples experience issues with sex and romance after baby arrives. The relationship often changes and there are reasons for this change. Women can experience multiple physical issues after the birth of a… Continue Reading >

Resilient Father against all odds

Being told in grade 10 there was not many options in the work force for me with a grade D in English, lacking reading, spelling and dyslexia I started an apprenticeship as a carpenter. Then found an honest, caring boss… Continue Reading >

Sleep is not perfect: the danger of trying to follow a strict sleep routine

Everyone will always tell you “all babies are so different!”  So how is it that there are so many sleep routines out there that expect every baby to be able to conform to the same feed and sleep time each… Continue Reading >