How was school today?

As we send our children to school we trust learning is taking place, and it is. But how do we know? The conversations we have with our children are imperative to building partnerships between school and home, and connecting in… Continue Reading >

Ecopsychology – Why Being in Nature Makes our Kids Happy

In this modern age our children are spending increased amounts of time inside, and in front of screens. This increased indoor activity was prior to the global pandemic which has resulted in potential time spent isolating, lockdown or reduced access… Continue Reading >

How to use sand and water play to engage children in early STEAM education

Media kindly brought to you by Plum Play  It’s easy to underestimate how humble sand and water can play a big role in your child’s grasp of basic science and creative expression that help them make sense of the world…. Continue Reading >

Dealing with big emotions from little people: strategies to help your child harness their emotions

Media kindly brought to you by Jellystone Designs   Picture this: your toddler is attending a friend’s birthday party, and as the afternoon winds up, you tell them to say their goodbyes, because “it’s time to go”. These four simple… Continue Reading >

Ways to Engage your Baby during Lockdown

It’s not the norm out there right now. With a corona virus epidemic at our feet and social distancing well and truly put in place I’m not surprised if your feeling a little on edge about being confined to your… Continue Reading >

How to Play with Your Baby | Belinda Joyce | Ep 173

  Newborn babies are everything we optimise with perfection. An impeccably sublime exquisité symbol of hope and faultlessness. Every newborn parent, at one time or another I’m sure, has held their baby and realised how delicate and fragile they are…. Continue Reading >

How to escape boredom through at-home escape rooms

Media kindly brought to you by U. Games   We get it – you’re probably convinced that you’ve tried every form of at-home entertainment while your family has wrestled with pandemic-induced cabin fever. Saddled with the ‘new normal’ for a… Continue Reading >

Psychologist working with Children and Families

by Carolyn Seri Website – Facebook – zingpinme child psychology   COVID-19 has been a time of disruption and mixed emotions for many families. Household relationships have been put to the test far and wide with home schooling and… Continue Reading >

Engaging with Ecological Issues Healthily

Staying engaged with climate and ecological issues can be challenging, given the seriousness and escalating nature of ecological catastrophes and the inadequate responses of Governments, here and overseas. Here is what we can do to develop the inspiration, stamina and… Continue Reading >

Reasons Why Parents Engage with Schools

When a parent goes to a school they usually approach the teachers or the principal for one of five reasons. When the teacher or principal asks the very first question after a parent has expressed their issue the first question… Continue Reading >