How You Can Make Baby Self-Feeding a Breeze

Ah, the joyous chaos of introducing solids! For any parent with a baby delving into the art of self-feeding, you’ll be all too familiar with squishy avocado handprints, spaghetti-splattered high chairs, gloopy mashed potatoes sliding down your kitchen walls or… Continue Reading >

Bitter is learnt: Introducing children to a new food

Eating is a learned process, and this process starts before birth! Our first journey to new flavours starts in the womb, as we are introduced to sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter flavours through the amniotic fluid. The first 1000 days… Continue Reading >

Surviving Party Season with Fussy Eaters

We all know how crazy the party season gets!  Would you love to feel at ease with what your kids are eating over the holiday season?  Navigating party season confidently for kids (let alone working out what to eat) means… Continue Reading >

How to Start Eating Healthy Without Counting Calories

Many of my clients struggle to have a healthy relationship with food, they feel like they are constantly yo-yo dieting and sick of counting calories.  You might be wondering, “well if I’m not watching my calories, how am I going… Continue Reading >

Healthy Eating Habits Together

Sesame Workshop Introduces New Resources to Help Families Build Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind Sesame Street, is launching new bilingual resources to help families of all economic backgrounds foster healthy eating practices and increase nutritional literacy ⁠— the ability to access… Continue Reading >

Why We Need to Ditch the Go for 2 and 5 Message When It Comes to Children | Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore | Ep 212

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and happy and of course, a big part of ensuring this has to do with their diet and the balance of foods they’re eating. However, figuring out the right mix of healthy… Continue Reading >

A Mindful Mother’s Day: How to counter emotional eating with mindfulness

May is fast approaching and happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. We spend so many hours of our day feeling headless and, in the clouds, it’s no wonder why May has been dubbed “Mindful May” by many… Continue Reading >

Helping families jump on the plant-based train

How many times have you begged and pleaded with your children to eat their vegetables? For many parents, ‘eat your vegetables!’ is a nightly refrain at dinner tables across the globe. Plant-based nutritionist, Tammy Fry from the Fry Family Food… Continue Reading >

Interested in Living Longer?

By Sarah Smith of Bayside Dietetics Facebook Bayside Dietetics Instagram BaysideDietetics   How’s this to capture the attention of anyone wanting to live healthier and longer: In 2017, Greek-born Australians had a median age at death of 83.4 years… Continue Reading >

3 Reasons Why You Binge Eat

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself staring into an empty packet of chips or tub of ice cream asking yourself “why did I do it” overwhelmed with guilt, shame and self-loathing? “Why can’t I stop binge eating?”… Continue Reading >