Have you heard about the January Blues?

We’ve all of heard of ‘having the blues’ or ‘feeling blue’…where we know this as meaning feeling sad or depressed. There’s even been many a song written about having the blues….but have you heard about having the January Blues? Essentially… Continue Reading >

Drinking Mindfully Over Christmas

T’is the season to be jolly. Festive cheer is all around and parties are in full flow. But getting into the spirits (quite literally) can leave us feeling flat. Drinking more mindfully might be the answer. So, how can we… Continue Reading >

Does your drinking feel like a full-time job?

I’ve worked in many jobs, Everything from fixing fridges in a cold shed just outside Brighton, to pulling the back bones out of dead squid at a posh restaurant owned by Michael Cane. I was a waitress in one of… Continue Reading >

A Sober Pandemic?

Or have you started drinking more? Let’s face it, it’s been a very weird year. We’ve changed, we wash our hands more and we don’t hug as much. We do strange elbow wagging when we meet, and we feel like… Continue Reading >

How your wind-down wine is actually getting in the way of a good night’s sleep

Regardless of whether you’ve been juggling a full-time job with home-schooling, or simply trying to be the best parent you can be during a global pandemic, the upheaval and uncertainty of this year has been no mean feat for parents…. Continue Reading >

Covid-19 Lockdown & Increase Alcohol Consumption | Dr Erin Lalor | Ep 61

It is common that when people find themselves in stressful situations they tend to increase alcohol consumption as a coping mechanism. COVID-19 has been no exception. Recently the Alcohol and Drug Foundation launched a community health initiative ‘You haven’t been… Continue Reading >

Becoming a Mum

Becoming a mum is supposed to be such a magical time in a woman’s life, and it is but it can also be a challenging and lonely time too. That’s not something that we are told though, no one really… Continue Reading >