Private Versus Public Maternity Care – A decision making framework

Private versus public maternity care. It’s a debate that’s rife in pregnancy chat rooms. It provides great fodder in the ‘mummy wars’. But to me, there is no debate as no one can ‘win’. Each person has a unique set… Continue Reading >

Is your child ready to start school next year?

Deciding if your child is ready for school can cause some anxiety for parents, especially if their birthday happens to make them a particularly young starter. While you might be feeling stressed about the decision, there are some clear signifies… Continue Reading >

Breast-Weaning – Is there ever a Right time to start Formula??

This is a tricky question First-World parents often ask, and like so many parenting issues, there is no definitive answer that is appropriate for all circumstances. ​ Some Western governments have ratified the B.F.H.I. (Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative), which has… Continue Reading >

Difficult Decisions

Lately I have had a lot going on. And I’m noticing more now that the years are just flying by. One minute you’re a first time mum with your first newborn baby and next minute you’re a mum to 3 kids…. Continue Reading >

My experience of being a solo parent. 

Recently I had to be a “single parent” as my partner got offered to go away to Sydney for a month for work to fill in for someone up there. It was 2 weeks before our middle child’s birthday. She… Continue Reading >

Knowing What’s Best: by Dr Simon Kinsella, Clinical Psychologist

Parenting is an amazing experience.  Before you have your own children, it’s hard to imagine just how much joy children will bring to your life. I use to listen to parents carry on about their kids, and think “really, it… Continue Reading >

The Story of My Third Pregnancy

So for most of 2017, I was pregnant with my third baby. We were finally getting our little boy. At my 12th week scan, all was going well but the technician seemed a bit concerned about the fact I chose… Continue Reading >

Public vs Private: Which do you choose?

One of the biggest decisions you encounter when first seeing those two pink lines on the pregnancy test is what to name the little thing suddenly taking up residence in your uterus. Trying to avoid naming it after all the… Continue Reading >

Choosing the right school for your child

If you have a child starting school next year you’re probably starting (or have already started) the process of choosing and enrolling them at a school. It is a big decision but what should you be looking for? How do… Continue Reading >